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Serena Williams A Bit Leaner

Australian Open finalist will Serena William $ US1000 poorest massive prizemoney from his win after being hit with a fine. Williams has been engaged for a audible obscenity during his fourth round, when driven teenager Victoria Azarenka Belarus disease first player forced to retire in the second set..
6.2.09 10:55

Did Tony Romo Cheat On Jessica Simpson

The big night was just hours afer Jessica left the city. Jessica Simpson boyfriend called Tony Romo reported a group of people from a hot night at his home in the LA club the previous month. Besides, Tony allegedly disappeared upstairs with a hot brunette the rest of the evening..
6.2.09 10:55

Matt Cassel Sure Has A Right To Be Peeved

She was telling everyone, that Im making money! shared our spy.. The duo High bash guests checked before saying that they had to catch a flight back to LA Sam was DJing at Portia de Rossi birthday party on Saturday night, and then come to the right to fly to Florida for more concerts.
6.2.09 10:55

Jade Goody In Chemo Agony

Jade, 27, was taken to Londons Royal Marsden Hospital after falling ill at home in Upshire Essex, Friday.. The reality TV star who has been affected by cervical cancer is said to be in excruciating pain after his last bout of chemotherapy. JADE Goody was back in hospital last night as fears grew for her after yet another collapse.
6.2.09 10:55

An Oj Simpson Moment In Israels Ground Hog Day In Gaza

Simpson was surprisingly acquitted of the charge in 1995 of killing his wife and her friend, even though his family, and almost all believed that he has done.. There is, in this regard, instructive and a strange similarity to the case of the disgraced American football player and film, O J Simpson.
6.2.09 10:55

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